Yesterday, the 15th of June 2016, we visited Slatioara together with 60 students from four different communities (Slatioara, Glina, Branesti and Bucharest- Aletheea School). It was a very difficult day, but the six supervisors did an excellent job! It was a great experience for everyone and we learned a lot from it. We will share more photos and videos soon.

The Teacher's Guide, which will be ready in September, will include:
- documentary video filmed at Slatioara Pit
- printable materials for bird species identification and tutorial for teachers
- nature and portrait photography tips, as well as a gallery of our examples
- a list of outdoor and bus activities
- a list of DO's and DONT's for planning a field trip, according to our experience from yesterday

and more.

Special thanks to yesterday's team of teachers and volunteers:
- prof. Iulia Călin- Schools of Glina and Brănești, member of IALE Romania
- prof. Daniela Muntean- Aletheea School of Bucharest
- prof. George Popescu- Aletheea School of Bucharest
- Ana-Maria Calotă- member of IALE Romania
- Matei Cucu- volunteer
- Ioana Stoicescu- Aletheea School of Bucharest, member of IALE Romania

With gratitude towards our welcoming hosts:
- Cristina Alexie, Headmaster of Slatioara School
- Liviu Niță, Manager at Slatioara Pit